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How is everything going with you?
Have you received the introduction that we sent you on the little quadcopter?

The drone-quadcopter can fly for 30 minutes nonstop.
Product dimensions: 45x40x12cm (before folding) 21x11x9cm (after folding)
Dual-mode The positioning system provides GPS positioning. Brushless motor model number: 1806.
Remote control range: around 3000m
The remote control’s height is roughly 120 meters.
2048 x 1080 video resolution (APP)
The auto return feature allows you to order the aircraft to take off, land, and even return to its original spot with the push of a button.

The following are the cost details:
1 unit 229.50
2-50 units 209.50 each
51-100 units 189.50 each

Would you be interested in purchasing one or two of these?
Please provide us with address, and we will contact logistics to arrange your shipping.

The development of optical flow occurs from the combination of a fixed point located within the system and a GPS position retrieved from outside the system.
When you walk through your front door, either the electricity is totally turned off or you receive a notification stating that the energy has been turned off.
This camera also has a virtual reality mode, as well as the option to switch between various lenses, a video/picture panorama, and a video/picture panorama.
There are also MV (with a single button to return to the home screen), headless, photo/video gestures, and front lens adjustment modes. Each of these modes has its own set of capabilities.
Wind resistance is rated as an 8, and it is measured in meters per second.

Jonathan Smith


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